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Writing Playlist Volume One: Inspiration

Need some inspiration to get you into the mood to write that poem or that story you’ve been wanting to write? Here is my writing playlist filled with my go-to songs for inspiration.

Track list:
1. Howling by RY X
2. Forest Fires by Axel Flovent
3. Bang Bang Bang by Tracy Chapman
4. Bloom by The Paper Kites
5. Soldier by Fleurie
6. Asleep on a Train by Radical Face
7. Coyotes by Wild Belle
8. Strange by LP
9. Vow by TENDER
10. Gracious by Ben Howard
11. If We Never Go by Nina June
12. Roses by Ghostly Kisses
13. After Rain by Dermot Kennedy
14. Lovesick (feat. The Guest and the Host) by Caroline Pennell

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What’s on your writing playlist?

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