Kelsey Writes
Creative Writing Poetry

Unexpected Sunset

I was making dinner and I got a message.
Go look outside, she said, go look at the sunset.
My apartment is small, with four rooms and two windows
that don’t see much light so I had no idea.
I pulled my coat on and hurried out.
I was running to this sunset,
suddenly the only thing that mattered.
I hurried past the taller buildings to the park
and the sky was leaking shades of pink and purple.
It was beautiful and fleeting,
there one minute and gone the next.
I would’ve missed it; I almost kissed it.
And so I started thinking,
how great it would be to get a nudge,
a tap on your shoulder,
a moment or two before your life changes.
Stop what you’re doing and look around,
you’ll want to remember this later.
In a minute, you’re going to fall in love.

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