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A Bright Love / A Dark Break

The hum of finding / the flicker in being found.
The dimming of dusk / the great sigh of dawn.
The hunger in poetry / the poetry in hunger.
A world made from silkworms / a world made from lions.
A soft start / a harsh ending.
A swell of fondness for flight / a flood in the form of fear.
In this universe, doves / in the next one, goldfish.
A home in the heart / a heart in the home.
A sky so pink / an earth red raw and burnt.
The ache in leaving / the miracle in choosing to stay.
A dog whimper / a raised voice.
Arms moving through water / rain falling through trees.
The calming of wolves / the fury of crows.
Light hitting the body / body touching the light.
What’s missing? / What’s left?
Hands, everywhere / hands even counting the stars.


The Quiet

They couldn’t find the missing plane & you
couldn’t find your way out of the dark.
Maybe we lose things because we fear
what happens when we find them.
The greatest thing I did today
was open my eyes and keep them open.
I wrote to you in dandelion stems.
Giving you a living thing
to make you feel more alive.
How we live
like we’d rather be dancing.
How we dance
like we’d rather be touching.
You couldn’t feel it.
I wanted to feel it; I felt it.
The plane was found in pieces
at the bottom of the ocean.
I crawled into the dark with you
and realized you had become it.